All our activities are pointed to the most important thing, which is the WISH of our costumers. According to their wishes we create products - perfect in every details.

The Egermann Company, dating back to the early 1800's, specialises in hand decorated glass with each piece posing a decorative and highly art oriented character. Egermann's main claim to fame is its invention in 1832 of a process called "red staining" in where the dark ruby red colouring on each piece's surface is decorated by baroque patterns using cutting and engraving processes. Egermann is the world's premier manufacturer of the "red staining" process. The Egermann company specializes entirely in the production of hand-decorated glass products. 

The products are utilitarian, decorative as well as highly artistic. A factory tour is also available, presenting showing how utility glassware is made by hand.

The company Egermann is situated in the scenic city of Novy Bor in the beautiful area of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. The name of the company comes from the famous glass technologist and glass painter, Friedrich Egermann, born in 1777 in North Bohemia, learned the art of painting as an apprentice in Meissen, German. Meissen was at that time the center for porcelain. He learned the different manufacturing processes and how to paint on porcelain. Back in Novy Bor he focused on painting glass and he devoted his time to experimenting with new decorating techniques. 

Until today the glassware at Egermann is made with the traditional Bohemian techniques. Each vase, glass or bowl is therefor a unique product in the tradition of the grandmaster Friedrich Egermann.


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